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A renowned columnist, speaker and the author of a bestselling book on CSR, Per Grankvist is a thought leader on how the new rise of civic engagement as well as sustainability is changing the way business, government and NGOs operate and collaborate. Read more.

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Sustainability through a Swedish lens

The Blue Marble, one of the most well known images of our planet was taken by a Swedish Hasselblad camera took this iconic image. In the same way it reflects a view on the world through a Swedish lens, I try to take a broad view on how sustainability and profitability can be combined, trough a Swedish perspective.

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Creating local jobs - the new corporate responsibility

More and more consumers wants to buy locally produced food. With the new phone Moto X, Motorola hope the same logic applies to phones.

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Does a license to operate include paying taxes?

For years, companies have been talking about the need to have a license to operate in terms of doing what the public expect them to do, beyond what's regulated. And whereas tax planning is perfectly legal, it might not be ok in the eyes of the public.

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On being certain

At the end of another year a lot of us are trying to predict the coming year. But before we claim to be certain that some events will happen or some scenarios to unfold in 2013, it might be worth reflecting on where that sense of being right comes from.

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To move forward, we need hope

After years plagued with corporate green washing, if not deliberate so at least cases of where the message is getting out before the action, marketing sustainability has been seen as the problem. But it is still the solution in order to get consumers to change behaviour, given that the narrative is compelling enough. And how to do that was one of the most discussed topics outside sessions at the BSR Conference 2012.

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